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Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenger (BIONIC-C210)

Sulfavent-2820 is a triazine based product which has hydrogen-sulphide scavenging action. SULFAVENT-2820 is designed to be used in oil and gas fields and in all those industrial application where the hydrogen sulphide causes corrosion phenomena, favors the growth of sulphate reducing anaerobes and induces offensive odors.

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Biocide (BIONIC-C211)

Biocide is a concentrated biocide used to control aerobic and anaerobic bacteria including sulfate reducing types, which are commonly detected in oilfield water such as water disposal and water flood systems and water base drilling muds.

                                          Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Drilling Glycol (BIONIC-C212)

GLYMUD-295 is a high temperature cloud-point, wide molecular weight range polyalkylene glycols mixture, designed for water based drilling mud. It can provide improved wellbore stability, shale inhibition, increased lubricity, high temperature filtration control, plus reduce bit balling potential.

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Lubricant (BIONIC-C213)

BIOLUB-610 is a blended liquid mixture of few aliphatic hydrocarbon with some surfactants. It is used as oil based lubricant for all kind of drilling fluids. It effectively improve mud lubricity and greatly reduces drag and torque of drill string.

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Stuck Pipe Spotting Fluid (BIONIC-C214)

BIOLAX-540 enable spotting fluids to penetrate and crack the water-based mud filter cake with high fluid loss and solids free filtrateBIOLAX-540additive is used in diesel oil or in oil-base muds to form a highly effective stuck-pipe spotting fluid.

                                          Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor (BIONIC-C215)

BIOHIB-2175 is a concentrate film-forming, water soluble corrosion inhibitor designed for prevention of corrosion in production and transportation system of gas and petroleum. BIOHIB-2175 effectively controls corrosion in system containing CO2, H2S, Organic acids and brines. It is mixture of several filming compounds and effective in gas and oil pipelines with high water to oil ration and crude oil disasters.  This inhibitor doesn’t impart emulsification tendencies.

                                          Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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