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Our role as an agent in Malaysia:
Receive the order from our customer and advise them in their project technically and financially and make arrangements with production company management and engineers to study all aspects and the situation of the project to designing, producing and supplying pumping systems and related services in the fields of water, agriculture, environment, industry and mining, power plants and civil services, oil, gas, and petrochemicals based on our knowledge and superior technology and quality.

Splendid millennium Sdn.Bhd. is the sole agent of Pumpiran Co and Mechanicab Co, in Malaysia, that provides various products and quality services of these two splendid manufacturing companies to customers. We engage in the design, production, and sale of pumps for civil, agricultural, and industrial applications. It offers double suction pumps, centrifuge pumps, various high pressure pumps, buoyancy electro motors, dredger pumps, buoyancy dredger electro pumps, and buoyancy bottom and screw electro pumps. The company also provides hot oil pumps, sea water buoyancy electro pumps, buoyancy pumps, and buoyancy dredge pumps. In addition, it offers after sale services which includes guaranteed maintenance and sales support services through sales agents all over the world.



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