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Motor gasoline is the most widely consumed refined petroleum product, accounting for 26% of the yield of the average crude oil barrel. As a significant component of crude oil, gasoline prices track crude oil prices.

Government and environmental regulators determine gasoline constituents. All want to reduce pollution and minimise CO2 emissions, but there is little consensus on how to achieve that.

Specifications vary between jurisdictions. Criteria change with climatic conditions. Benzene and other naphta-derived aromatics may be added. Ethanol and other oxygenators are used to reduce exhaust fume pollutants. There are standards for sulphur content, volatility, and a range of additives, detergents and dyes. Managing all of this requires detailed market knowledge and global storage.

We have built up long-term commercial relationships in the market place. Our customers include oil majors, national oil companies and independent wholesalers and retailers.

We work closely with refineries in Latin America, Europe, the former Soviet Union and other territories.

We supply wholesale and retail providers in the US, Asia and Africa.

We have built up a global physical business by focusing on customer requirements. We ensure on-time supply to our customers, wherever they are located.






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