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DIESEL FUEL in general is any liquid fuel used in diesel engines, whose fuel ignition takes place as a result of compression of the inlet air mixture (without spark) and then injection of fuel. Diesel engines have found broad use as a result of higher thermodynamic and thus fuel efficiencies. This is particularly noted where diesel engines are run at part-load; as their air supply is not throttled as in a petrol engine, their efficiency still remains high.

Specifications vary between jurisdictions. Criteria change with climatic conditions. Benzene and other naptha-derived aromatics may be added. Ethanol and other oxygenators are used to reduce exhaust fume pollutants. There are standards for sulphur content, volatility, and a range if additives, detergents and dyes. Managing all of this requires detailed market knowledge and global storage.

We have built up long-term commercial relationships in the market-place. Our customers include oil majors, national oil companies and independent wholesalers and retailers.

We work closely with refineries in Latin America, Europe, the former Soviet Union and other territories.

We supple wholesale and retail providers in the US, Asia and Africa.

We have built up a global physical business by focusing on customer requirements. We ensure on-time supply to our customers, wherever they are located.


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