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CRUDE OIL is the world's most actively traded physical commodity. Eighty-nine million barrels are produced every day.

Freely-traded crude oil is estimated at around a third of the physical market.

In the crude oil market, we use our market knowledge and logistics capabilities to balance supply and demand, optimize supply chains and service our customers around the world.

We source from private companies, production companies, oil majors and national governments. We work with smaller producers that seek marketing expertise to help distribute their crude oil production globally.

We have global reach with local understanding and we transport crude oil in trucks, trains, pipelines, barges, boats and tankers to refineries all over the world.

We aim to supply the right grade at the right price at the right time. Managing that effectively requires experience, resources, and worldwide coverage. As active participants in both financial and physical markets we have an innate sense of global market dynamics and regional pricing, production and demand.

Every refinery is optimized for specific blends and regional demand preferences. Refiners study density, sulphur content, acidity, metals content, and distillation cut points among a broad range of parameters when valuing crude oil streams.






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