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Splendid Millennium is a trading hub based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offering the following services and expertise;

  • To carry marketing and trading of food industry products & equipment, agricultural machineries, industrial machineries and construction utilities. And also help set up branding in your Business.
  • To carry on the business of distributing, supplying and transporting of Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Refinery of minerals, Managing Projects, Petroleum and other related products. 
  • To carry on the business of mining masters inclusive of extraction of rocks, gold, iron, tin and other related mining products. To bargain and make merchantable, buy, sell, get, work, shape, carve, polish, crush and prepare for market, or use gold of all kind. To act as manufactures, dealers and workers in tin, iron and other metals and mineral of all kinds. To carry on the business of imports and exports of any technologies, plant, machinery, equipment or accessories required for mining, manufactory or production, either directly or indirectly, of goods or for rendering services, including those required for replacement, modernization, technological advancement or expansion. It also includes packaging machinery and equipment, refractory’s for initial lining, refrigeration equipment, power generating sets, machine tools, catalysts for initial charge, equipment and instruments for testing, research and development inclusive of quality and pollution control. May be for use in manufacturing, mining industry, agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, floriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, poultry, sericulture and viticulture as well as for use in services sector.


Founded by Mr. Hussein Khalilpour and Datuk Nik Mod Amin, Splendid Millennium has been actively engaging the regional market in introducing innovative products of the highest quality from all over the world with quality and safety standards.

With the right people and access to the region’s market, Splendid Millennium is confident in achieving its vision in boosting the trades between the countries via a one stop trading centre that offers full and comprehensive products and services under one roof. Splendid Millennium’s products and services now extend to include six major divisions, i.e. Food Industry equipment, Agricultural Machineries, Industrial Machineries, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Utilities. Splendid Millennium has entered into distributor relations with the Middle East & Turkey’s leading players in the respective sector such as Pumpiran, Mirab Co., to provide various products and services of the highest quality to our customers.

Our Belief:
Network – We believe that the right networking among the players and markets between the Middle East & Turkey and the Southeast Asian Region will enhance the growth, development and relations between and in the respective countries.

Market – We believe that with our knowledge and experience in the Middle East & Turkey and Southeast Asian markets, we are able to provide the right products and services that meet required standards of the users.

Quality – We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality of products by meeting customers' expectations while providing an outstanding service.

Professional – We believe in treating our customers with honesty, courtesy and respect and we are committed to engaging them with the highest standard of professional integrity




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